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Plan, Create, Schedule

Monitor Conversations

Unlimited Users & Profiles

Powerful Social Media Tools that Replace

  • Hootsuite

  • Sprout

  • Buffer

  • HubSpot

Stay Organized with a Content Calendar

Get a comprehensive look at all of your planned content – social activity, scheduled emails, and blog posts – with SharpSpring’s Content Calendar. 

SharpSpring Social Media Content Calendar
Social media Unlimited Profiles

No Limits!

SharpSpring is the best platform to manage all your social media – and we mean all your social media. Juggling 5 Twitter feeds, 4 Facebook profiles, 3 LinkedIn pages, and 99 other social media problems? No worries. Manage them all – with one person (or an army of marketers) within a single platform. 

Monitor your brand conversations in real-time

Our social media management application gives you powerful tools for social listening – and unlike some other social media management platforms, it’s not limited to a single network. Organize conversations in customizable tabs so that your team has the information they need at their fingertips.

Monitor Social Conversations
Social Media Leads

Identify hot leads and brand advocates

Likes, retweets, and shares mean more than brand awareness. They’re the start of a sale. Easily identify prospects that are ready to buy – and current customers willing to help you close the next deal. 

Trigger automations based on social activity

The best platform to manage social media goes beyond social media. Use the SharpSpring social media management platform to identify hot leads and integrate information with your CRM. 

Social Media Trigger Based Automations
Social Media ROI and Reports

View Social Media ROI for your business

We know that brands consistently ask social media management platforms for better analytics. Now you can create professional, customized, reports, to show the value of your social media marketing. 

Save time & post once across unlimited accounts

Turn any one-off post into a multi-channel winner by easily sharing great content across relevant social platforms and audiences simultaneously. Start big campaigns with a bang and give your followers a consistent experience across all social media platforms. Use our social media management platform to develop a coherent strategy and balanced presence across the internet.

Social Media multiple posting

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