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Improve Conversion Rates with Lead Nurturing

Keep your brand top-of-mind with timely messaging that responds to user behavior. Our marketing automation services will notify your sales team when leads are ready to buy.


Score your leads

Focus your sales team on hot prospects. Use the digital marketing automation platform to score leads based on engagement. Choose custom metrics to increase or decrease scores; including page visits, filled out forms, content downloads, and specific demographic characteristics that fit your sales model. Decrease scores by setting a “decay rate”, and our marketing automation services will automatically update lead scores over time. 

Behavioral-based customer segmentation

Create dynamic lists that automatically update as contacts meet the list’s criteria. Use the digital marketing automation platform to keep a running list of every lead who is interested in a specific set of products, comes from a specific location, has a lead score above “x”, or visits pricing pages. 


Enable Your Sales Team with Email & Text Alerts

Trigger automation workflows to send internal messages to marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Get instant notifications via email and SMS message whenever you make a sale, land a high-quality lead, or successfully move a prospect along in their buyer’s journey. Receive actionable data and respond accordingly – without even logging in to the marketing automation application.

End Cart Abandonment and Close More Sales

Automatically follow up with leads that forgo their potential purchases via instant email workflows. Turn abandoned shopping carts into redeemed transactions with our marketing automation services. Improve sales rates by ending cart abandonment and free up your team to focus on other tasks.


Smart Tracking

SharpSpring recognizes and tracks all of the various devices a contact may use to visit your site. Follow leads across smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart speakers, and even brick-and-mortar stores. Get a more complete view of the buyer’s journey and understand how leads find your brand.

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