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Data and Analytics that provide a view of your business through the eyes of your customer.

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Robust Email Analytics

Track email success all the way to bottom-line ROI with our comprehensive email marketing analytics. Follow key stats such as clicks, opens, bounces, and successful deliveries. 


Save Time with Pre-Built Reports

Reveal the true ROI of your marketing efforts when you understand your end-to-end conversion cost and revenue. Automatically track your website visitors’ conversions from the moment they first visit, all the way through the final sale – even if that sale happens weeks or months later. 

Google Ads Integration

Track your paid search campaigns, get robust keyword data and follow Google Ads costs all the way to the bottom-line. Find out the true cost of a qualified lead – then optimize your ad campaigns and paid search to become more cost-efficient. Make key decisions with a full understanding of search engine marketing ROI and learn how to target your Google Ads bids for cost efficiency and clicks.


360-degree view of your customer’s journey

Our Life of the Lead tool tracks interactions for every contact, including site visits, emails, webinars, and social events. Follow individual leads with our intuitive Contact Manager dashboard to find out which channels to prioritize for better ROI. Set up interactions that are triggered by individual customer actions, with automated interactions to engage with the contact at a critical point in their unique buying process. Effortlessly personalize your inbound marketing and meet customers where they are.


Easy Access Marketing Analytics

Add a tracking code snippet to your website, microsite, blog, or landing page in seconds to start generating leads. Track as many sites as you’d like and monitor them in one place with our easy-access marketing analytics platform. Use tracking insights to optimize and prioritize your digital media.

Custom Campaign tagging

Group, ungroup slice and dice with campaign tagging. If it has a name, it can be a tag. Set up custom categories or use common tags such as email, Google, referrals, organic and offline. Make tags as specific or broad as you like. Break campaigns down to pinpoint the marketing data analytics that you need.


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